Paul is a Silicon Valley-based Network Architect with 20 years of experience designing and supporting all aspects of IT Infrastructure. He is currently the Network Manager for Operations and Implementation at Apple.

When not in front of a computer Paul enjoys riding his Honda CRF 450R, practicing Hei Long Shou Shu Kung Fu, and exploring the world around him.


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  1. Hallo Paul ,first thanks for your post about expect script , it is so much helping me but now i have another Problem with expect script,i want creat vlan in my Switch and i use expect script via Linux but when script runs alles scriptswitch Show and back in my bash .i want only some scriptswitch back in my Switch and Output ,please help me ,thanks so much

  2. Hi Pual

    I came across your expect script. thank you fro sharing.
    i have a qestion and i am hoping you can help.
    I am new scripting and dont know much and was thrown into the deepend at work. we currently have around 900 or so routers and switches all cisco.
    i need to make changes on all the devices. the problem i am having is half the devices have a different username and password. i have wirte a expect script that will ssh to the devices and make the change, but the devices that use a different username and password, changes are not done.

    how can i write a expect script that with try to ssh to the device with the first username and password, and if it fails it will try the onther username and password.

    please can you help
    ( i cant find any info one the net for this)

    Please email me if youo need to.


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